Who We Are

The Cohen / Hudesman Wealth Management Group exists to provide comprehensive wealth management services to successful individuals, families, and business owners that can help them pursue a comfortable retirement and ease fears of financial uncertainty.  We endeavor to do this by helping our clients make better-informed decisions about money, organizing their entire financial life, and developing a well-defined plan that guides them through each stage of wealth accumulation.

Our comprehensive wealth management process starts with listening to you—getting to understand your immediate needs, tolerance for risk, investment time horizon, tax situation, family considerations, and specific financial goals.

We understand that building wealth involves not only accumulating and growing assets, but also most importantly, preserving it.  Our belief is that wealth preservation and asset growth result from maintaining regular communications with you, employing sound investment principles, implementing customized investment strategies, and providing ongoing monitoring of your investments.

Our clients receive unbiased advice, as we've committed to always place their best interests first.  We are passionate about wealth management and the roles we play in helping our clients pursue their financial goals.

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          Stephen J. Cohen, CFP®
        First Vice President/Investments
           Oliver Hudesman, CFP®
           Vice President/Investments